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  • Responsive   Websites

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  • Parallax   Scrolling

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  • Responsive

    Webberman websites respond to any device they are viewed on. All content fits a phone screen and remains user-friendly, to keep your visitors coming back!

  • Hand-Authored

    When we develop your website, all necessary code is hand-authored, either by us or in the form of a professional template, in order to maximize effectiveness.

  • Cool & Fast

    We can build a parallax website without excess code which often results in a slow website. Benefit from having a fast site, while your customers enjoy the cool features!

  • SEO

    There is no "Plugin" or aftermarket solution for proper SEO. We build it in as we develop your website.

  • w3c valid

    Your site will always function on every device, and Google will list you in mobile search results, as well as regular search results.

  • Web Hosting

    Our hosting ensures maximum speed and uptime for your visitors AND Google, Yahoo, Bing, etc.

  • Rank

    We'll ensure your website ranks high, so your customers can find you.

  • Entice

    Time-proven advertising copy can motivate people to make a purchase.

  • Call

    A time-tested call to action will result in more sales.

  • Fits

    We guarantee every website we create will pass Google's mobile-friendly test.

  • Fast

    Mobile users demand fast load time. Our websites deliver!

  • Easy

    Our menus are easy to access and use on any mobile device.

  • Premium Hosting

    We call it premium hosting for a number of reasons. For starters, it's fast, reliable, and well-connected.

  • Location

    Many large hosting companies use offshore data centers. Ours is in Toronto, well connected to the North American Internet Backbone.

  • IP address

    We use our own IP address amongst our sites and those of our clients. Never experience problems due to someone else blacklisting a shared IP.

Why   We   Hand-AuthorGenerated   pages   simply   don't   cut   it   when   you   expect   your   website   to   be   found   and   motivate   customers.

The   two   websites   below   LOOK   identical,   but   under   the   surface,   they   will   function   very   differently.     Read   below   to   learn   why   a   hand-authored   website   is   the   better   choice.

HTML   Template

We start from scratch, or use a template designed in HTML5, and powered by javascript and style sheet code. We then modify it to reflect your business. Your pages will load fast, display properly, and are found in Google. You say everyone else uses Wordpress so you should too? Do a little research first and make an informed decision. We can build you a website that you can be proud to call your own, while doing what a website should - bringing you more business. You deserve a website that will work on all devices, load quickly, and be found in search engines such as Google.


Wordpress   Template

Because Wordpress and similar software merely "generates" the html and other code for your pages, they don't always turn out the way you expect. Display problems are common on certain devices. Plugins often get outdated and stop working. A Wordpress site may be a little less expensive to have designed, but there is a bigger cost you may wind up paying, such as security vulnerabilities, design limitations, slower loading, poor search results, no official support, and limited content, just for starters. Please talk with us first, before you make any decision. Our goal is to build you a website you will be proud to call your own.

experienceWe've   been   building   websites   for   businesses   since   1996!

Far from being "dinosaurs", we've stayed ahead of the trends for twenty years, and continue to do so today. We've seen it all, frames, clip-art, Flash, Shockwave, Virtual Reality, and we've done it all. Today's world requires fast-loading, eye-catching, user-friendly and mobile-friendly websites that rank well in search engines and motivate customers to purchase. We deliver on our promises, whether you are in Ottawa, Kingston, Brockville, Cornwall, Kemptville, or anywhere else on the planet! We customize professional hand-coded templates, with scripts created by professionals, not hobbyists. None of our code is ever 'generated' by software. This guarantees fast, streamlined websites that will always work the way you expect them to.

What   we're   best   at...

Not every web design company does everything well. Our strengths are balanced so that we can (and do) offer excellent value for your investment. We start with good design, hand-authored html, and copy that motivates your customers. This ensures your website will rank high in search engines, and when coupled with our premium hosting, it's a proven formula for website success!

Design Coding Copy SEO Hosting

Cutting   Edge   Design

All of our websites are responsive, meaning they will respond to whatever device they are viewed on. We often build-in parallax scrolling, and animated segments. Eye-appeal, and user-friendly menus will keep your visitors on your website longer, and make an excellent first impression!

Search   Engine   Optimized

Every website we build is optimized with proper tags, keywords, and the actual text your visitors will read. We also provide a quality link back to your website, and provide some advice regarding things you can do at your end which will help boost your search ranking position.

Hand   Authored

We never generate pages with software such as Wordpress, or the other options commonly in use today. There are very valid reasons why only develop hand-authored websites. One major advantage is speed, as hand-authored code is more streamlined than the bulky code generated by software.

Motivational   Copy

Even if your website is fast and ranking well in the search engines, if the wording doesn't motivate your customers, it won't do you much good. We can write your copy, or edit it to contain time-proven words and phrases that motivate people to make purchase decisions.

Our   Creative   TeamWe're   passionate   about   building   websites   that   will   work   for   your   business!
Meet   the   people   behind   the   name.


John   ListerWebsite Developer

John has been creating websites since 1996, and has the experience, passion and skills to create unique websites. He is also a photographer, and his knowledge of Photoshop is a great asset to web design. He balances design with development, which means he can visualize an attractive design, but also create the coding that will make it function.


Marlene   BakerWebsite Designer

With a background in Fashion Design, Marlene brings many ideas to the team, and is indispensible when it comes to design elements, such as color schemes, attractive layouts, etc. She has worked with John for many years, and as a team, Marlene and John work quickly and efficiently together.


From $1000 *

  • Original, hand-coded, responsive Website
  • Beautiful design
  • User-friendly navigation
  • Built-in SEO
  • Ongoing updates and availability
  • Parallax Designs Available
  • *Price depends upon size & complexity.
    We will provide a no-obligation quote
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From $1200 *

  • Original, hand-authored, responsive Website
  • Unique design to target your audience
  • User-friendly navigation
  • Built-in SEO
  • Ongoing updates and availability
  • Parallax Designs Available
  • We work to determine marketing strategy
  • We increase site visibility in search engines
  • We edit copy to include sales-generating phrases
  • Ongoing updates and availability
  • *Price depends upon size & complexity.
    We will provide a no-obligation quote
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premium web hosting

About $14/month *

  • Green Power
  • North American Location (Toronto)
  • Fast
  • Reliable
  • Secure
  • Uses our private IP address
  • Unlimited bandwidth & storage
  • *$14.16/month, pre-paid yearly
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PortfolioHere   are   just   a   few   of   the   many   websites   we've   recently   developed.

Our Blog

Our blog entries cover a host of topics dealing with everything from website development, hosting, domains, emails, spam and much more.


In October of 2015, we wrote about cheap web hosting. Despite that article, it seems as though thousands upon thousands are drawn to the host, 'GoDaddy', claiming they are the best North American web host. They certainly spend a lot on advertising, and some of their racier ads have actually been banned. This is likely a large part of why they are so popular. But are they really the best choice for web hosting?

You may not be aware that in Sept of 2012, GoDaddy lost control of its services, almost entirely. The situation resulted in nearly every one of their hosted websites, and most of their email services and domains to go offline. This was MILLIONS of websites that went dark! At first they reported that they had come under attack by a group of hackers known as 'Anonymous'. The day after the attack, Scott Wagner, Go Daddy interim CEO, sent out a press release that the service outage was not a hack or a denial of service attack, but that it was an internal problem, caused by a number of internal network events that corrupted router data tables. This information was written about in Forbes magazine. I'm not sure if it would be better to blame a hacker, or admit to internal faults.

In case you believe that your GoDaddy-hosted website will be served from the USA, the company only owns one data center in the USA, and leases 8 others, some in the USA, but others overseas. If you want a fast website, you probably don't want it in GoDaddy's Singapore data center, where it will take a lot longer for local users to see, and respond to your pages.

GoDaddy already has a bad reputation by buying domain names which users search for, and then inflating the value of these domains when users return to purchase them. To add to this bad practice, the prior CEO, Bob Parsons, killed a wild elephant in Zimbabwe, which brought more negative press to the company.

If you're ready to leave GoDaddy - whether because of their advertising tactics that they just won't change, poor judgment by its executive team, unethical business practices, carelessness for its existing customers or inability to control/maintain its own services properly, you can turn to Webberman for your hosting needs. We use a data center located in Toronto, and protected by our own private IP address.

Our service is fast, reliable, secure and affordable. Just contact us and we'll move your existing webiste to our servers, and can also help you with moving your domain name. You can relax, knowing your website is in good hands, and being served quickly to your visitors, and also to Google when they come looking. All of this helps you with higher ranking.

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