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  • Responsive

    Webberman websites respond to any device they are viewed on. All content fits a phone screen and remains user-friendly, to keep your visitors coming back!

  • Hand-Authored

    When we develop your website, all HTML, Javascript, and CSS code is hand-authored, in order to maximize effectiveness, and ensure the fastest loading pages.

  • Cool & Fast

    We can build a parallax website without excess code which often results in a slow website. Benefit from having a fast site, while your customers enjoy the cool features!

  • SEO

    There is no "Plugin" or aftermarket solution for proper SEO. We build it in as we develop your website.

  • w3c valid

    Your site will always function on every device, and Google will list you in mobile search results, as well as regular search results.

  • Web Hosting

    Our hosting ensures maximum speed and uptime for your visitors AND Google, Yahoo, Bing, etc.

  • Rank

    We'll ensure your website ranks high, so your customers can find you.

  • Entice

    Time-proven advertising copy can motivate people to make a purchase.

  • Call

    A time-tested call to action will result in more sales.

  • Fits

    We guarantee every website we create will pass Google's mobile-friendly test.

  • Fast

    Mobile users demand fast load time. Our websites deliver!

  • Easy

    Our menus are easy to access and use on any mobile device.

  • Premium Hosting

    We call it premium hosting for a number of reasons. For starters, it's fast, reliable, and well-connected.

  • Location

    Many large hosting companies use offshore data centers. Ours is in Toronto, well connected to the North American Internet Backbone.

  • IP address

    We use our own IP address amongst our sites and those of our clients. Never experience problems due to someone else blacklisting a shared IP.

experienceWe've   been   building   websites   for   businesses   since   1996!

Far from being "dinosaurs", we've stayed ahead of the trends for twenty years, and continue to do so today. We've seen it all, frames, clip-art, Flash, Shockwave, Virtual Reality, and we've done it all. Today's world requires eye-catching, user-friendly and mobile-friendly websites that rank well in search engines and motivate customers to purchase. We deliver on our promises, whether you are in Ottawa, Kingston, Brockville, Cornwall, Kemptville, or anywhere else on the planet!

What   we're   best   at...

Not every web design company does everything well. Our strengths are balanced so that we can (and do) offer excellent value for your investment. We start with design, hand-code it so it works fast, write copy that motivates your customers, ensure it ranks high in search engines, and we offer premium hosting. This is a proven formula for success!

Design Coding Copy SEO Hosting

Cutting   Edge   Design

All of our websites are responsive, meaning they will respond to whatever device they are viewed on. Many use parallax scrolling, and animated segments. Eye-appeal, and user-friendly menus keep your visitors on your website longer, and make an excellent first impression!

Search   Engine   Optimized

Every website we build is optimized with proper tags, keywords, and the actual text your visitors will read. We also provide a quality link back to your website, and provide some advice regarding things you can do at your end which will help your search position.

Hand   Authored

We never generate pages with software such as Wordpress, Drupal, or the many other options commonly in use today. There are very valid reasons why only develop hand-authored websites. One major advantage is speed, as hand-authored code is more streamlined that the bulky, generated code of most software.

Motivational   Copy

Even if your website is fast and ranking well in the search engines, if the wording doesn't motivate your customers, it won't do you much good. We can write your copy, or at least, edit it to contain time-proven words and phrases that motivate people to make purchase decisions.

Our   Creative   TeamWe're   passionate   about   building   websites   that   will   work   for   your   business!
Meet   the   people   behind   the   name.


John ListerWebsite Developer

John has been creating websites since 1996, and has the experience, passion and skills to create unique websites. He is also a photographer, and his knowledge of Photoshop is a great asset to web design. He balances design with development, which means he can visualize an attractive design, but also create the coding that will make it function.


Marlene BakerWebsite Designer

With a background in Fashion Design, Marlene brings many ideas to the team, and is indispensible when it comes to design elements, such as color schemes, attractive layouts, etc. She has worked with John for many years, and the team works quickly and efficiently together.


From $800 *

  • Original, hand-authored, responsive Website
  • Beautiful design
  • User-friendly navigation
  • Built-in SEO
  • Ongoing updates and availability
  • Parallax Designs Available
  • *Price depends upon size & complexity.
    We will provide a no-obligation quote
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From $1100 *

  • Original, hand-authored, responsive Website
  • Unique design to target your audience
  • User-friendly navigation
  • Built-in SEO
  • Ongoing updates and availability
  • Parallax Designs Available
  • We work to determine marketing strategy
  • We increase site visibility in search engines
  • We edit copy to include sales-generating phrases
  • Ongoing updates and availability
  • *Price depends upon size & complexity.
    We will provide a no-obligation quote
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premium web hosting

About $14/month *

  • Green Power
  • North American Location (Toronto)
  • Fast
  • Reliable
  • Secure
  • Uses our private IP address
  • Unlimited bandwidth & storage
  • *$14.16/month, pre-paid yearly
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PortfolioHere   are   just   a   few   of   the   many   websites   we've   recently   developed.

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Our blog entries cover a host of topics dealing with everything from website development, hosting, domains, emails, spam and much more.

Apr 05, 2016 - Website Trends

As websites continue to evolve into their third decade, change can be seen as either "fads" or "trends". At Webberman, we try to stick with trends, because they represent the direction the web is actually moving towards.

A recent "fad" is to hide the main menu in a mobile format, forcing desktop users to click to expand the icon in order to view the menu items. Bounce rates have skyrocketed on some sites, simply because users find it hard to browse the site. At Webberman, we believe in clear navigation and therefore avoid this practice.

Here are some recent trends in website design:

1. Responsiveness: Not many years ago, it was "the thing to do" to have two versions of a website, a desktop version and a mobile version. In those days, people either were at home on their computer, or out with their mobile phone. But the two versions leave out a lot of "in-between" sizes of screens, such as all of the larger phones, and the tablets and pads. Today, a business must have a "responsive" website, meaning one which will respond to any width screen, and fill it accordingly.
2. Brevity: There was a time when your website could contain a large amount of information. The fact is, few people will read much these days, in part due to the fact that most visitors are on mobile devices. This has resulted in the need for smaller, more concise websites, with less fluff, and more facts. Nobody has time to read about your hobbies and family these days, they just want to know what services you offer and related details about your business.
3. Longer Scrolling Pages: One long scrolling page seems to be accepted better than a traditional website made up of many individual pages. This is due in part to the fact that it is already loaded, and the mobile user needs only to scroll down the screen farther to discover all the content they are looking for. They are less likely to link to another page, partially in fear of waiting for new content to load. Because of this, many modern websites consist of one long page, with pop-up images and other pop-up pages appearing when links are selected.
4. Cool Effects: In days of old, we had amimated gifs and then Flash animation. Today, using HTML5, we can incorporate CSS and Javascript to create effects such as having content move as it appears, or bar-graphs that animate while first viewed. These are cross-browser and cross-platform friendly, meaning they will work on any device, and the few they won't work on will still be able to display the content without the effect taking place. This has brought a level of cool back to website development.

So, in a nutshell, you can still have large images and moving effects, which bring about a cool-factor to modern website design. Brevity is your friend, as is having a one-page or simpler website structure. A responsive design is essential, and if you do all of this, and are choosy with your text, you'll have a website that people will love, and which will score well in Google and the other search engines. Webberman creates websites based on whatever solid trends are developing, to ensure that our clients' websites are fresh, and function the way they are expected to. If your business is using an out-dated design, please contact us. It may be less expensive than you think to update your design, and more costly than you realize if you don't.

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