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Webberman develops websites for businesses in Eastern Ontario, including Alexandria, Arnprior, Belleville, Brockville, Cornwall, Gananoque, Kemptville, Kingston, Merrickville, Ottawa, Perth, Peterborough, Renfrew and Smiths Falls.

So if you only get what you pay for, how do we keep our rates low? Simple. We don't use a rented office space, rather we work from home in a dedicated home office area. This reduces our overheaad, and we pass the savings on to our clients.

Ready to talk? We can meet with you in Cornwall, or discuss your plans by phone or email should you be anywhere else. Our goal is to build you a unique website, which will rank high in Google, bring you visitors, and convert them into buyers. We've been website developers since 1996, and keep up with current trends. Please contact us for your web design needs, and we'll be happy to discuss them with no obligation.

Selected Work

Recently Completed Websites

The best way to learn about what we can do for you is to see what we've done for other businesses. Here are some recent websites we've developed for local business owners who are now enjoying greater exposure and business growth as a result.

We Are Webberman

Website Developer / Designers

At Webberman, the customer is king. We will learn about what they wish to accomplish, perhaps offer some suggestions, and then design a unique website that will fill those needs, usually surpassing expectations. We speak plain English and conduct our business in a friendly manner. Our aim is to provide each client with a website that will bring them more business, through awareness of their business and through use of text that will not only provide a high search ranking, but also entice their customers to make purchase decisions.

View Our Clients
View Our Clients

The Creative Team

Nerds Who Love What They Do

John Lister


John Lister has been building websites since 1996, and has a wealth of knowledge and experience. He is an html author and will use style sheets and javascript with html code, to develop a unique website that will work on any device, and rank high in Google.

Marlene Baker

Creative Directress

Marlene Baker has a background in design and assists John with the visual aspects of web design. Her extra set of eyes will come into play both for visual elements, and for copy, helping to ensure that your wording will do the job you need it to.

Our Process

How We Work With You

Listen To You

We usually schedule a meeting, but this can be done by phone or email as well. We'll ask for lots of input from you, and will suggest things as well. Our goal is to know what you want done and to make sure we can do it - often in a unique way that is pleasing both to the eye and the pocketbook.


Think About It

When inspiration is fresh, it usually doesn't take us much time to think things through. As we start trying things out, we may scrap ideas and start new ones, but never at your expense. We will have provided a quote and will stick to it.


Create It

As we start the development of your website, we'll send you a link so you can see it as it is being built. This way, you can always provide input and have opportunities to request changes early on. It means your website will be done faster, and will be to your liking.

Skills and Services

Some aspects of what we provide

Creative Design

Our Creative Department will provide input on the design of your website, sticking to your instructions, yet offering suggestions on colors, layouts, etc. in a way that will make the website easy on the eyes.

Made With Love

At Webberman, we create websites as though they are our children. We want them to be what the client wants, but also pleasing to the client's customers. We put our hearts into every website we develop.

100% Responsive

Every website we create will respond automatically to whatever device it is being viewed on. That means those with a huge desktop, users of tablets or pads, and phone users, will all have a great experience.

Excellent Support

Should you have questions, concerns, or perhaps want something changed on your website, we are always here. We maintain a number of websites and are usually able to make changes within one business day.

Easy To Customize

Want a new feature? We can usually add it quickly and make it look as if it was always a part of your website. Our maintenance rates are very affordable too. Don't be afraid to ask for a quote.

Copy Writing

We understand that the text on your website serves two purposes - to get you high rankings in the search engines, and also to entice your customers to make purchace decisions. We can help with both of these.

Clean Code

When we create a website, we use HTML, which is the language of the web. We create or customize professional code so that your site loads quickly, works on various systems, and ranks well in search engines.


Every website we develop is unique, which means we can match your logo colors, or even create one for you. We also take photos, in case you need them for your website. We always build unique websites.

Some of Our Fantastic Clients

We have developed websites for these businesses and many others

We Host our Clients' Websites

Premium Hosting at Affordable Rates

When we first began creating websites in 1996, we used other web hosting companies. From time to time, they would either go out of business, get bought out, or become unreliable. Over time, we decided to locate a rock-solid data center here in North America, and offer hosting to our clients, simply because we were tired of the websites of our own and our clients being offline so much.

Because of this, we now offer premium hosting at a shared data-center located in Toronto, Canada, and we do this using our own IP address, eliminating the problems encountered with a shared IP address, such as everyone on the server getting their domains blacklisted. By knowing our customers and maintaining their websites, everyone sharing our IP address is assured of secure, reliable hosting.

NEW FOR 2018 We will also be introducing new hosting packages that will give the client more control. Clients will be able to choose different sized packages based on their needs. They will be able to create their own email accounts, mail forwarders, and much more through their very own control panel.

What Our Clients Say

We Are Happy About Every Review

Google Reviews

"John did an amazing job on both my businesses web pages. I highly recommend him :)" Rachelle Landriault 1 2
"John created both websites for our business and we are very happy with the end results!!" Ghislain Levac 1 2
"EXCELLENT SERVICE !!!! This is a dedicated team who go beyond and above !!!! KUDOS !!!!" Josee Sauve
"It is with great pleasure to recommend Webberamn.ca as a source for website design and management. OFSC District 1 Snowmobile Assocaiton and Upper Canada Snowmobile Region have been using Webberman for many years . They can design sites in a timely fashion and very professional." John Boals 1
"John and his team take care of my website, every detail!! I know that all I have to do is call or email and he will change things for me, or add new content. I love how he did my website and I love the personal attention to detail that John gives." Helen MacIsaac-Bertrim 1

Facebook Reviews

"It is with great pleasure to recommend Webberamn.ca as a source for website design and management. OFSC District 1 Snowmobile Association and Upper Canada Snowmobile Region have been using Webberman for many years. They can design sites in a timely fashion and very rofessional."
John Boals 1

"I have known John Lister for over 20 years. He is a talented guy blessed with integrity, a sense of humour and a twenty first century skill set. John made it so simple. My new site is so much faster and easier to work with and exceeded my expectations. Working with John has always be a more than a positive experience. If you're looking for Website Development or Hosting, Webberman will hit it out of the park!"
Brian Redmond 1

"I know my website is in good hands with John! All I have to do is email or call and he takes care of things from there. Great attention to detail."
Helen MacIsaac-Bertrim 1

"Very happy with the websites!! Professional service with great ideas!!!"
Ghislain Levac 1 2

"We've been with John for over 10 years and he has done wonderful work in getting our websites traffic. He also takes care of our hosting and site development. He is always easy to work with and provides us with thoughtful guidance and insight into maintaining our web recognition."
Jen Robertson 1 2


Frequently Asked Questions

Why don't you use WordPress like everybody else?

Many people use WordPress and other page-builder software, in order to quickly create webpages. It is a fast and easy way to get a website done in a hurry. But it comes with a number of drawbacks which the average person in business knows nothing about. A few of the concerns are security faults, constant update patches, spam, plugins written by hobbyists, coding and design limitations, no support, little customization, poor search results, slow load time and special hosting requirements. Here at Webberman, all website code is professionally authored, never generated, ensuring these problems don't exist.

Why is your Web Hosting not as cheap as some others?

With web hosting, you do get what you pay for. First of all, our data centre is physically located on the internet backbone, in Toronto, Canada. That means fewer steps between your website and your customers. It also means a more reliable experience, with next to no downtime, and fast delivery of website files. This means a lot when a search engine such as Google comes looking for your website. Some North American hosting companies will have a data centre in North America, plus a few offshore in China or other distant countries. You may safe a few bucks, but is it worth it if your website is not available?

With 20 years in the business, are you not just a dinosaur?

On the contrary, those twenty years have been spent staying on top of current trends and keeping ahead of the game. For example, our websites are professionally encoded with HTML5 and up-to-date CSS and JS code. They are responsive websites that auto-adjust to any screen width, all the while loading fast and being user-friendly. We take professional HTML templates and customize them, often using techniques only an HTML veteran would know. The result is a modern and user-friendly website you can be proud of.

I have a Facebook page. Why do I need a website?

Websites come up higher in searches than Facebook pages. More importantly, your website is all yours, not sharing space with competitor's ads and other distracting information, all using the standard Facebook template and not a unique design. Also, not everyone uses Facebook, and many local and distant potential customers will never see your Facebook page. If you are trying to reach distant markets, a Facebook page may never be seen. A properly optimized website, on the other hand, will be visible to potential customers both locally and distant. Talk with us today to ask about a website for your business.

I'm probably selling my business. You'll stop invoicing me, right?

Just like a cell phone contract, the onus is on YOU to cancel your web hosting service with us. By pre-paying a year at a time, you get the best rates, but there are no refunds for months not used. If we have invoiced you for your yearly renewal and you choose to ignore the invoice because you've sold your business, or perhaps closed it, we will still require that the new invoice be paid in full, once we renew services with the data centre on your behalf. We generally email invoices a month before the renewal date, and it only takes a quick email or phone call to cancel. If we don't hear from you, we'll keep your service going and expect payment.

So what if your sites are hand-authored. What does that even mean?

All websites are built of code, usually HTML. A hand-authored website is one where the code has been custom created for your specific website. Sadly, most websites today are made of code which has been 'generated' by software. The result is bulky code, causing slower websites with poor search results. By professionally hand-authoring, your website code is sleek and swift, ensuring higher search rankings and faster load time. It also ensures a lot of other beneficial qualities. Think of a hand-painted work of art in a museum compared to a 'paint-by-numbers' picture. With websites, they may both look beautiful, but the hand-authored website will also FUNCTION beautifully. All the top website owners know it's worth the small added investment.

Is it true I need both a mobile and desktop version of my website?

There was a time when desktops were close to the same size, and all mobile devices were small phones. Yes, at that time developers offered two versions of websites. It was a nuisance because an update had to be added to each version of the website. Today, there are many sizes of screens, phones, tablets, pads, laptops and desktops. The trend now is to have a 'responsive' website, which means it will respond to whatever size screen it is being viewed on. All of our websites use responsive design, and all pass Google's 'Mobile Friendly' test with flying colors. This also means only having to keep one website updated, not two.

What is a Parallax Website?

In addition to being responsive, many of the websites we create use 'Parallax' elements as well. What this means is that some elements will scroll past at a different speed than others. For example, if you scroll up to our reviews, the greenish background may scroll past at a different speed than the text. It depends upon the browser you are using, and whether it is a phone or desktop, etc. The beauty of our designs is that on a device that won't support parallax design, you'll still see everything clearly and won't miss the parallax feature. If you are on a device that will support it, then the extra feature becomes obvious, adding an element of coolness to your website.

What is SEO?

SEO, or Search Engine Optimizing, is the practice of attempting to improve a website's ranking in the search engines. Some firms claim they can practically work magic, and by using agressive techniques, they can - for a short time. This is known as 'Black Hat' techniques, where link farms may send you false traffic, or other short term techniques are put into place. True Search Engine Optimizing is done when a website is developed. These 'White Hat' techniques will result in higher rankings over a longer period of time, gradually bringing your website more traffic. We always incorporate such techniques when building a website, finding appropriate search words and phrases, and utilizing sentences that may influence buying decisions. We don't charge any extra for providing this as part of our design services.

Our Blog

Useful articles that we hope may steer our readers towards making educated decisions about websites.


We Are Ready For Your Project

Whether you are an international business, or the small business around the corner, we can develop a website that will properly reflect your business, while bringing you more attention and potential customers. We have worked with people across the road, and across international borders. We can meet, talk by phone, or communicate by email. The point is, we will give our utmost attention to creating something unique that will be both affordable, and functional. Our goal is to help you achieve success.

Cornwall, On, Canada
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