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The year 2020 has had an effect on most businesses, and we are no exception to surviving during a pandemic. Most of the larger-income work has dried up, mostly in the form of creation of new websites. But existing clients had a large amount of updates to be done, mostly COVID announcements, cancellations, and things of that nature.

While we've done our best to keep up with the sometimes overwhelming work requests, we have fallen behind in looking after some of our clients. We've also had to endure a price increase on what we pay for hosting, and more recently transferring clients from one server to another within our data center. This also resulted in a couple of our customers going elsewhere for hosting.

If that wasn't enough to have on our plate, my own health has been an issue, and I am finally getting the care and treatment that I had been needing for some time. So as a result of some of these concerns, I have decided to make a few changes for the future.

For starters, all present clients will continue to have the utmost attention given to maintaining their websites when changes are requested. As always, your websites are always backed up, and the web server has even been updated to provide better speed, security and reliability. We had other websites up as well as Webberman, to bring more work in, and we have decided to shut most of these down. At this point in time, the focus will be on servicing the existing customer base, and not trying to expand the business.

Having said that, we are willing to develop websites for local businesses when possible, but our priority remains with our existing clientelle.

So what will the future hold for Webberman? One thing is for certain...we will be here for some time to come! Rest assured that all of our clients can rely on us to continue providing the very best in website design and hosting for many years to come.