Being trendy can be a make or break situation when it comes to your website. You can impress and amaze your visitors, creating a powerful first impression, or you can put them to sleep with an out-dated website.

The danger of an out-dated website, is that it reflects upon your business, giving the impression that it, too, may be out-dated. Here are a few crucial design factors that you need if you are going to succeed in business today.

Modern Design

We wanted to look at the Rolls-Royce of websites to see what the top sites are doing - so we went to the actual Rolls-Royce website. Just as we thought, they are using responsive design, with a few parallax features. Responsive means that their website will respond to whatever size screen it is viewed on, providing an optimum viewing experience for all visitors, regardless of phone, tablet, pad or desktop.

A quick look at a few other websites confirmed the same - that Webberman is indeed on top of the trends today, used by the highest quality websites. An exception to this rule are the newspapers and magazine sites, which are still creating a desktop and a mobile version of their websites, a practice which is out-dated by a couple of years, due to the many sizes of screens available today. This practice is also frowned-upon by Google and other search giants, and we highly advise NOT going against their recommendations, if you hope to be found.

Another look at sites such as Cessna, DeLorean, Apple, ExxonMobil, AT&T, IBM, Ford, BMW, General Electric, Disney, which all use responsive design for their websites. You don't have to be a multi-million dollar company to enjoy the same first impression these financial giants do.

Webberman Quality

Here at Webberman, we can provide the same sleek look, with the same fast load times and optimized coding, so that your website will rank well in the search engines, and function on any device, all the while being attractive and gaining your customers' attention and trust.

Trust is a big component in a buying decision, and nothing spoils potential customers' trust like an old website. Contact us today, and we'll provide a quote on bringing your website up to today's standards, giving you that wow factor at the same time.