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There seems to be a common discussion amongst some business people as to whether it's better to have a Facebook Business Page, or a website. There are advantages and disadvantages to both. The best solution is to make the most of both of them. It needn't be an either/or choice, as both work quite harmoniously together. So let's begin with Facebook pros and cons...

Pros and Cons of a Facebook Business Page

By now, most everyone is familiar with Facebook, though many people still do not use it, or only look at it once in awhile. The Facebook Business Page is a great way to reach local people who are on Facebook, seeing your announcements, specials, etc. and it can provide a lot of free exposure for your business. But as I said, not everyone is on Facebook, and unless they have been invited to like your page, and then actually liked it, they will not see your posts. This means that your potential viewers must come from your own Facebook friends, and their friends who will see your content when your friends comment on your posts. Your reach is therefore very limited, unless you have a huge number of friends from all around and they all like and comment on your page. You can run Facebook ads, but in many cases, the costs of advertising is higher than what you may bring to cover that cost.

Here are some pros and cons of relying on a Facebook page:

  • PRO - Startup and basic presence is FREE!
  • PRO - You will likely reach a lot of your friends and their friends.
  • PRO - Making changes to a business page may be done by anyone logged in to the Facebook account without any HTML knowledge.
  • CON - You will not reach the people who are not using Facebook
  • CON - You will not reach those who are not connected as a Facebook friend, unless you pay to advertise
  • CON - The 'look' of your page is determined by Facebook, and they may show competitors' advertisements.

    Here are some pros and cons of using a professional website:
  • PRO - Your website reaches anyone, anywhere, as long as they have an internet browser or cellphone.
  • PRO - Google is more likely to send visitors to a website than to a Facebook page.
  • PRO - The 'look' of your website is your own. A good website designer can match it to your logo, stationery, etc. to keep your brand consistent.
  • PRO - You can customize the behavior of a website and use charts, graphs, input fields and much more.
  • CON - Startup costs are considerably higher.
  • CON - Changing information on the website is more difficult.


    In order to reach the most people possible, in the fastest and most efficient way possible, it is best to have both a professional website and a Facebook presence. It is very common these days for a website to have a 'Visit Us on Facebook' link, and for the Facebook page to have a website link. One is not better than the other, as one (Facebook) will reach a limited number of local people while the other (website) will reach anyone who searches online for your product or service.

    When you want a professional website done right, give us a call or email. We can help!