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We Are Webberman

At Webberman, the customer is king. (or queen) We will learn about what you wish to accomplish with your website, perhaps offer some suggestions, and then design a unique website that will fill those needs, often surpassing expectations. We speak plain English and conduct our business in a friendly manner. Our aim is to provide each client with website development services that will bring them more business, through increased awareness of their business and through use of text that will not only provide a high search ranking, but also entice their customers to make purchase decisions.

The Creative Team

John Lister has been building websites since 1996, and has a wealth of knowledge and experience in web design and website development. He is an html author and will use style sheets and javascript with html code, to develop a unique website that will work on any device, and rank high in Google. By hard-coding websites, rather than simply generating code with a content management system, the resulting websites are faster to load and have many other advantages over generated websites.

Marlene Lister has a background in design and assists John with the visual aspects of web design. Her extra set of eyes will come into play for the important visual elements of your website. As an experienced journalist, she also assists with copy, helping to ensure that your wording will do the job you need it to.

Our Process

How We Work With You

Why we Hard Code Your Website

There are Real Advantages to Having a Hard-Coded Website when compared to a website generated by a CMS. (Content Management System)

Hard Coded
Generated by CMS or page builder
  You Retain Control over Everything

Your website may be moved to another hosting company, and managed by anyone knowledgeable in HTML.

  You OWN your website.

Your website is yours. There are no plugins, platforms, or anything other than hosting that requires maintenance or yearly fees.

  Your Website is Efficient

Google favors fast-loading websites. A hard-coded website will have less wasteful code, and links to scripts, etc. are usually local, meaning your site will run more efficiently and therefore rank higher in searches.

  A More Secure Website

A hard-coded website uses mostly unique code. Hackers generally won't waste their timing hacking one website when they can cause more chaos elsewhere.

  A No-Maintenance Website

A hard-coded website does not rely on any operating platform, plugin updates or databases that may require regular updating from time to time. As a result, they are more reliable in the long run. Updating content is fairly inexpensive if you use the developer who created your website.

  You are Limited

Pages built on site builders must be hosted on the same site builder. If you wish to change hosts, you lose your website.

  Free Sites are Never Free

If you don't want your 'free' website to be filled with advertising, you must pay for 'premium' hosting, usually much more expensive that with other hosting services.

  CMS Sites are Less Efficient

CMS sites are often database-driven, and link to a large number of off-site files and plugins. This not only slows down the website, but increases the risk of it not working if a linked plugin is not available.

  Security Risks

Site builders generally use much of the same code for a large number of websites, making them an attractive target for hackers. Off-site plugins are also a target for CMS websites.

  A High-Maintenance Website

A CMS website will require regular backups, updates to the operating platform, and updated plugins. If you forget, you may wind up with no website.

Some of our Clients

  • Above & Beyond Spa
  • The Table and Chair
  • The Childrens Treatment Centre
  • Nourish Spa
  • Accesoware
  • AA Total Blast

Premium Web Hosting

Unlike most web hosts, our data centre is located in Toronto, ON, Canada, on the Internet Backbone. This means shorter hops from your customers devices to your website. What's more, our data centre is extremely reliable, secure, and fast! Choose from one of our two plans below and we can get you set up quickly and easily.

Premium PLUS

less than
$20/ monthly

Better plan whether you or we manage your website.

  • 5GB Space amount
  • Our own IP Address
  • FREE Let's Encrypt Site Security
  • CloudLinyx Servers
  • cPanel Control Panel
  • Site Visitor Statistics
  • ADD emails & domains
  • Personalized Nameservers
  • Super Fast with Raid Array

Frequently Asked Questions

1What costs should I expect with a hard-coded website?

There is essentially one upfront cost - the development of the website. The cost depends on the size and complexity of the website. It could be in the hundreds or in the thousands. We will always give an estimate and ask for a deposit to get started.

2Why don't you use WordPress or Joomla like everybody else?

Many people use WordPress and other page-builder software, in order to quickly create webpages without any understanding of code or how html works. It is a fast and easy way to get a website done in a hurry. But it comes with a number of drawbacks which the average person in business knows nothing about. A few serious concerns are security faults, constant update patches, spam, faulty plugins written by hobbyists, coding and design limitations, no support, little customization, poor search results, slow load time and special hosting requirements. Here at Webberman, all websites are hard-coded, never generated, ensuring these problems don't exist.

3With over 20 years in the business, aren't you just a dinosaur doing things in an outdated way?

On the contrary, those twenty years have been spent staying on top of current trends and keeping ahead of the game. For example, our websites are professionally encoded with HTML5 and up-to-date CSS and JS code. They are responsive websites that auto-adjust to any screen width, all the while loading fast and being user-friendly.

4I have a Facebook page. Why do I need a website?

Websites come up higher in searches than Facebook pages. More importantly, your website will be seen by many, not just the hundred or so who might find you on Facebook. Your website is all yours, not sharing space with competitor's ads and other distracting information, as Facebook pages all use the standard Facebook template and not a unique design. Also, not everyone uses Facebook, and many local and distant potential customers will never see your Facebook page. If you are trying to reach distant markets, a Facebook page may never be seen. A properly optimized website, on the other hand, will be visible to potential customers both locally and distant.

5I'm probably closing or selling my business. You'll stop invoicing me, right?

Just like a cell phone contract, the onus is on YOU to cancel your web hosting service with us. By pre-paying a year at a time, you get the best rates, but there are no refunds for months not used. We request that cancellations be made via email, and we will then cancel your services and stop invoicing you. If we don't hear from you, we'll keep your service going and expect payment, just like your cellphone provider does.

6My WordPress developer says HTML is no longer used. Why do you use it?

HTML5 is the current version of HTML in use today. WordPress, Joomla and other CMS software all generate HTML pages that your browser or phone views. You can have bloated HTML generated by a CMS system, or streamlined and hard coded HTML written. The difference is that one will function much better than the other.

7Is it true I need both a mobile and desktop version of my website?

There was a time when desktops were close to the same size, and all mobile devices were small phones. Yes, at that time developers offered two versions of websites. It was a nuisance because an update had to be added to each version of the website. Today, there are many sizes of screens, phones, tablets, pads, laptops and desktops, and the trend has moved to creating 'responsive' websites. All of our websites use responsive design, and all pass Google's 'Mobile Friendly' test with flying colors. This also means only having to keep one website updated, not two.

8What is a Parallax Website?

In addition to being responsive, many of the websites we create use 'Parallax' elements as well. What this means is that some elements will scroll past at a different speed than others. For example, if you scroll up to the top of this page, the visual elements take advantage of parallax coding. The beauty of our designs is that on a device that won't support parallax features, you'll still see everything clearly and won't miss the parallax feature. If you are on a device that will support it, then the extra feature becomes obvious, adding an element of coolness to your website.

9What is SEO?

SEO, or Search Engine Optimizing, is the practice of attempting to improve a website's ranking in the search engines. Some firms claim they can practically work magic, and by using agressive techniques, they can - for a short time. This is known as 'Black Hat' techniques, where link farms may send you false traffic, or other short term techniques are put into place. True Search Engine Optimizing is done when a website is developed. These 'White Hat' techniques will result in higher rankings over the lifetime of the website, gradually bringing your website more traffic. We always incorporate 'white hat' techniques when building a website, finding appropriate search words and phrases, and utilizing sentences that may influence buying decisions. We don't charge any extra for providing this as part of our design services.

Beware SEO 'plug-ins' that supposedly improve your rankings. Adding another plugin won't magically fix bad or bloated code. SEO is best built in from the ground up, with a hard-coded website.

10You are not located in my city. Why should I use you?

We often develop websites for business owners we never meet. Communication is done by email, money sent by e-transfer, website progress uploaded for the client to view and approve, etc.

There is no actual reason to hire a web developer in your geographic area. The good point in all this, is we are priced considerably lower than web developers doing similar work in larger cities.

11What areas do you service?

Webberman develops websites for businesses in any area, but we tend to focus our efforts in Eastern Ontario. We have done websites for businesses located in such local areas as Alexandria, Arnprior, Belleville, Brockville, Cornwall, Gananoque, Kemptville, Kingston, Merrickville, Ottawa, Perth, Peterborough, Renfrew and Smiths Falls.

Our Blog

SEO choices

SEO is an acrynym for Search Engine Optimizing, which is a term used for improving how a website will perform in search engines. At one time, you could cheat by using techniques which would not be wise to use today. For example, a common practice was to hide keywords by using white text on a white background. ...

Misleading Information

A number of website design firms are pushing their preferred method of building websites, and in so doing, making false claims about the methods they choose not to use. One such article compares html to php, citing php as being superior. php code also uses html (which they forgot to mention) and modern html uses other ...

Customer Testimonials

  • I had been searching for someone to redesign my website and implement an SEO plan. John was an absolute pleasure to work with. His patience, creative ability, and efficient work ethic far exceed my expectations. Any ideas I had he would expand on them to make them better and more search engine friendly. He constantly showed a positive attitude and made me feel like my concerns and website were his first priority. Only weeks following the site going live we have already seen a significant improvement in the traffic to our site as a result of his SEO efforts.
    Jana Mitchell
    Founder and CEO, Wheels for the Wise
  • Thanks again for the great job you did on my web site...backtoblacksealing.ca
    Katola Watson
    Owner/Operator Back to Black Sealing
  • Just spent some time browsing the new website and it's so incredibly awesome! I've been on the site for quite some time now and it is a wonderful asset for the promotion of snowmobiling in UCSR!
    Lisa Stackhouse
    Manager, Participation and Partnership Development, Ontario Federation of Snowmobile Clubs
  • John is always just a click away to keep the Akwesasne Powwow website up to date and looking good! We are pleased with his prompt service with any last minute requests that we throw at him. Highly recommended!
    Romaine Mitchell
    Akwesasne Powwow
  • I was really pumped (pun intended) to see what John had come up with for my newly launched fuelpumpsupply.com site. I was not let down, The results surpassed my expectations.Working with John was easy and things progressed very quickly, best of all cost came in at the LOW end of the estimate! I look forward to having John revamp my other website in the very near future.
    Ian Preston
    Fuel Pump Supply
  • John is well-organized, proficient and very professional. John's work reflects his multi-talents and dedication to each and every one of his clients. John puts much of his energy and determination in creating the perfect website tailored to your business. I especially appreciate the service he continues to provide even after he has completed your website. John applies all his talent to the task at hand and I would recommend John to anyone looking for a detailed website.
    Carol Villeneuve
    IC Investigations
  • John did an amazing job on both my 'Above & Beyond' and 'Ready or Naught' web pages. I highly recommend him :)
    Rachelle Landriault
    Owner, Above & Beyond Spa, Ready or Naught
    Google Five Star Review
  • John created both my 'www.thestakefiregrill.com' and 'www.levacdocksandlifts.ca' websites for our business and we are very happy with the end results!!
    Ghislain Levac
    Owner, The Stake Fire Grill and Levac Docks and Lifts
    Google Five Star Review
  • EXCELLENT SERVICE !!!! This is a dedicated team who go beyond and above !!!! KUDOS !!!!
    Josee Sauve
    Owner, Sauve Tax Services
    Google Five Star Review
  • I have known John Lister for over 20 years. He is a talented guy blessed with integrity, a sense of humour and a twenty first century skill set. John made it so simple. My new site is so much faster and easier to work with and exceeded my expectations. Working with John has always be a more than a positive experience. If you're looking for Website Development or Hosting, Webberman will hit it out of the park!
    Brian Redmond
    Owner, Awesome Soundz DJ Service
    Facebook Five Star Review
  • We've been with John for over 10 years and he has done wonderful work in getting our websites traffic. He also takes care of our hosting and site development. He is always easy to work with and provides us with thoughtful guidance and insight into maintaining our web recognition.
    Jen Robertson

    Facebook Five Star Review